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Registration Policy

A 60-minute trial-lesson can be booked at the course fee according to course type and is to be paid in-cash at the end of the lesson. Subsequently there is no obligation to register for a course.

Courses can be registered at any time. A 10-lesson registration is obligatory for every course taken and is to be paid in one or two installments as specified in the registration agreement.

Lessons can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Weekly 10-lesson courses are to be completed within 3 months. Bi-weekly 10-lesson courses are to be completed within 6 months. Absences due to national calendar holidays, vacation and military service (communicated at least one month in advance) and teacherís absences are not included in the above course durations.

At every 5th lesson of a 10-lesson course, notice of registration for an additional 10-lesson course (continuation of study) or notice of discontinuation of study at ln Voice is to be communicated verbally and signed in amendment to the valid registration agreement by the student and one parent or legal guardian of minors.

Students are required to cancel lessons, due to illness or binding professional responsibilities, by telephone at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Lessons cancelled accordingly are considered excused lessons and can therefore be rescheduled and administered at the teacherís convenience. Unexcused absences and late arrivals are considered fully administered lessons and must be paid for in full.

Teachers are required to reschedule and administer lessons, before or after the regularly scheduled lesson, which they have to cancel.

All paid course fees are nonrefundable. A course is however transferable to a person not yet registered at ln Voice, in case the course must be prematurely terminated, before the completion of 10 lessons, due to illness or binding professional responsibilities. A signed doctorís note or state of employment letter signed by employer is required. ln Voice views the transfer as a request and reserves the right to refuse acceptance of a transfer at its discretion. Once the transfer request is accepted, the financial matter is solely between the out-going registered ln Voice student and the in-coming person taking over their course. The new, in-coming person is required to sign a registration agreement in order to take over the course and to begin study at ln Voice.

The course fee doesnít include costs for course materials like music, books, copies, sheet music, etc. An archive of songs, lyrics and sheet music is available to students. A wide range of songs, lyrics and sheet music is also available in the Internet. See links on the ln Voice website for further helpful resources.

Students are advised to record their lessons and to have a singing lesson notebook for practice purposes.

A teacherís written consent is required in order for a student to share any of the teacherís educational materials or concepts, communicated verbally or recorded in the lessons, with 3rd parties.

By signing the ln Voice Registration Agreement the student (and the parent or legal guardian of minors) fully agree(s) to have read, understood and to comply with its rules and regulations.

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