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All courses are offered as 10-lesson registrations and can be attended weekly or bi-weekly. Fees are to be paid according to the registration agreement. Courses can begin at any time and are conducted in English, Swiss German, German or Italian.

Adults Minors
45 minute lesson 1 student CHF 90.00 CHF 80.00
45 minute lesson 2 students CHF 70.00 per person CHF 60.00 per person
45 minute lesson 3 students CHF 55.00 per person CHF 45.00 per person


All ln Voice workshops are generally conducted in German in-house and can also be conducted in English and/or externally upon request. Please contact ln Voice for further information. Dates, required participants and fees will be posted soon.

  • Live On Stage
    Are you too nervous to perform with pleasure or sometimes so insecure that you blackout on stage? These are some of the frequent perils of live performing. This 2-day workshop is for singers who want to sharpen their performance skills and enjoy singing Live On Stage. In addition to focus on healthy singing, workshop topics include command of song, stage presence and microphone technique. Workshop participants will initially practice lead vocals and/or background vocals with instrumental track accompaniment. The highlight of the course is a performance accompanied by a live trio (piano, bass and drums). Workshop material includes sheet music and/or lyrics and instrumental track of one song per participant from the ln Voice archive.